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BiosControl® is composed of 4 complementary products lines:


A safer Excellence

A bi-functional line of products that enhances the cosmetic performance of your formula while preserving from microbial aggressions

  • Perfect balance
  • Reduced preservatives concentration
  • Boosting cosmetic effects
  • New generation components
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Better ingredients, better synergies

A line of delicately balanced systems, offering best synergies from purest ingredients designed to protect your system

  • Purest grades
  • Delicate balance
  • Formula specific
  • Target for an application
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A redefined purity

A line of purest ingredients, to reach highest protection and safety performances

  • Highest concentration of active ingredients
  • Minimum level of by-products
  • Best technical characteristics
  • Purest compounds, designedon strictest criteria
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Enhancer of preservation

A line of preservative enhancer based on multi-functional cosmetic ingredients

  • Tested in antimicrobial efficacy
  • Not listed molecules (Annex V)
  • Approved in most legislative areas
  • Purest compounds, designedon strictest criteria

  • Well known cosmetic performances
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